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New for 2020, we've added our first 3 courses. Our Core Movements course goes in-depth to teach you how to perfect the most important movements in our programmes. Our Ideal Day Blueprint teaches you how to better structure your day to improve your lifestyle so that you can get more done, make time for your health and have more time and energy for yourself. And finally, our Fat Loss Breakthrough course aims to condense all of the secrets of fat loss into a simple, easy-to-follow course for better control of your weight.



Follow the fitplans training calendar. Designed to develop strength, build lean muscle and increase metabolic rate.


Peer pressure can be really good or really bad. Whatever you think of it, you can't get away from it. We use it for good. Join the community and define your new normal.


No one likes to be called out when they're doing the wrong thing, but everyone needs it. Expect to be challenged, that's how you'll succeed.

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